SsangYong – Enter The Dragons

SsangYong set to attack with new line of models.

Korean car maker SsangYong (translated as ‘2 dragons’) have signalled they are ready to step up and breathe fire back into the automotive industry with a whole host of new models ready to set the market alight!

Going back 6 years during the global economic crisis and you would have believed that the future existence of SsangYong was somewhat doomed as it was public knowledge that the company filed for bankruptcy protection. SsangYong, the smallest Korean car manufacturer was struggling financially due to a steep drop in sales as demand plunged and credit had dried out. Reports of strikes from the company’s workers were widespread as rumours of the company not even being able to pay its employees became fact.

SsangYong was indeed on the brink of complete self-destruction until the most unlikely turn of events.

In 2011, Mumbai based Mahindra Motor Co, India’s largest maker of utility vehicles made a landmark move to became the company’s controlling share holder, breathing new life back into the brand known as the ‘2 Dragons.’

Today, SsangYong having had their fortunes turned around are continuing on the path of success having experienced an increase of global sales with a staggering 351% increase of sales being reported within the UK market in 2012.

Current models such as the highly praised Korando and the long awaited Turismo have nonetheless sparked the interest of the automotive market, and with news of a whole host of brand new models ranging from super-mini’s to large SUV’s being introduced within the near future, including all new replacements for the Rexton and Korando, SsangYong are clearly set to satisfying the competitive market expectations.

By Perry Singh


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