A history of Rolls Royce – Luxury cars in the history of world Part 1

Rolls-Royce is a car only sign of the Kingdom of the elegant no matter how old her style, how high the cost, and,still no challenger. As an automotive brand operated for centuries,Rolls-Royce committed to creating “the world’s best cars” when it was set up, and up to now it is still the case. It is in the world automotive industry’s top position that has never wavered, “car of the aristocracy” is not an slogan, it embodies the Rolls Royce perfectionist beliefs and standards of people from generation to generation . Today, Rolls-Royce has become a status symbol, and owner of the vehicle are also people who have a certain identity.

The Rolls-Royce 10 hp The Rolls-Royce 10 hp 
was the first car badged as a Rolls-Royce which to be produced as a result of an agreement of 23 December 1904.The 10 hp was produced at factory in Trafford Park, Manchesterby Royce’s company, Royce Ltd., and was sold solely by Rolls’ motor dealership, C.S.Rolls & Co., at a price of GBP395.


Silver Charm (Silver Ghost) (1906 Year – 1925)

debut at the Paris Motor Expo Silver Ghost (Silver Charm) in 1907 and had been widespread concern. Its golden bell-shaped radiator is very compelling, until today this is still the Rolls Royce styling design elements which is irreplaceable. The car’s design was also very different from other brands, for example, to allow the crew to get off with the most elegant posture, the door is back open. With such details it was then recognized by the press as the best car in the world. Interestingly, however, until after the car stop production, Rolls-Royce finally end it named Sliver Ghost.


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