As one of the most famous race car marker around the world, Lotus has more than 60 years history. Colin Chapman founded Lotus in 1952. He was famous for saying “Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere”, as his design philosophy focused on cars with light weight and fine handling instead of bulking up on horsepower and spring rates.

There were three romantic story about Colin Chapman ,the founder of Lotus, and his wife Hazel Williams.

The name “Lotus” looks even very Romantic. The auto maker neither named his company with his surname just like Benz and Morris, nor by the factory place like Bayerische Motoren Werke. Colin named his brand Lotus, a kind of flower, which is so beautiful in summer with fully imagination and creativity. He never confirmed the reason but one (of several) theories is that it was after his then girlfriend (later wife) Hazel, whom he nicknamed “Lotus blossom”.

Additionally, Colin Chapman made his first trial racing car (1948 Mark1) by modifying a 1930’s Austin Seven which belong to his girlfriend’s parents.

Finally, also the most important thing is that Hazel Loan £50 to Colin building the Lotus engineering company.

In summary, Colin’s wife, Hazel Williams, played a vital role in the founding process of Lotus. Such a lucky man met a kind girl, and they found such a unique brand together.







  1. As a ritual devourer of all things Chapman I enjoyed this. I’d have strap-lined it more catchily however. I know the opening quote about power and weight is accurate but i still think the wonderful old adage attributed to him – and referred to, inter alia , by Crombac : ‘Adding Lightness’ still says it all about CC….

    • Many thanks to you my friend~ I know my English is very poor, such a pleasure that you enjoyed my first post.
      Actually, I’m just starting to working on Lotus and the brand’s stories to research, analyse and understand in the context of automotive industry.(Including the history, design philosophy, Strengths and weaknesses etc.)
      Looking forward to discuss with you all about Lotus.LOL

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