Rolls-Royce 102EX Electric Concept

Rolls-Royce has been giving the impression that they are noble and classic , and when means of innovation , high-tech electric motoring become the current trend , can it be able to show a true Rolls-Royce  experience?


It is the first for Rolls-Royce to launch  the electric motoring 102EX since its inception. The car is actually an electric version of the Phantom, but Rolls-Royce prefers to refer it to a trial electric vehicles. As a prototype car  102EX  runs only four times so far.



102EX has a translucent goddess symbol and a transparent charging socket on the C pillar of the right side of the car, which is different from the standard version of Phantom.It can be seen that it is a good detailed design that make a good blend of the fashion sense of  the electric car and the classic impression of Rolls-Royce.


The feeling of driving 102EX is very strange, that any noise can not be heard. In addition to the changes in the rate, nothing else can be felt. The the quiet and smooth driving experience constitute the major features of the 102EX.

While this is a great Rolls-Royce electric car for its driving experience and appearance, the reality is that Rolls-Royce admit that they will not going to produce such an electric version of  Phantom . Moreover 102EX takes at least 20 hours per charge , for the Rolls-Royce target customers, few people can tolerate such a long charging time.

However, Rolls-Royce did not intend to produce this model.As the least environmentally friendly automobile manufacturers , Rolls -Royce has lagged behind other manufacturers  in the new energy sector , which also has a great relationship with  luxury brand image and production patterns.


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