IMAGE – PORSCHE an Automotive Icon

A long History to draw from

Since its Foundation in 1948, Porsche has been the only company able of producing such easy to use, everyday products with a great adaptability. It is not an accident that the released models rolling off the assembly line should attract such an interest.

“- The magic of Porsche is how thoroughly the cars transform you every day routine driving. – It is not only about the weekend Joyride; it’s the only car in the world that combines true sports car exhilaration and the drivability for daily use” . Said David Pryor, Vice President of Marketing, Porsche Cars North America.

Porsche has always had an unswerving commitment to original design concept forming the basis of its reputation. This is one of the company’s special strength; pushing the limits of comfort while combining performance and safety, Porsche has always preserved its uniqueness.

Racing Success

Well anchored in car racing competition, Porsche is continuously offering new models leading to high success. They believe in performance and are regularly on the racing track. Their Racing pedigree is remarkable and sensibilizes the crowd while exhaling trust and respect.


Top Brand Recognition

Porsche AG, President and Chief Executive Officer

Porsche AG, President and Chief Executive Officer

“Above All, Porsche means premium, which stands for the best quality without compromise”.  Said Matthias Mueller CEO Porsche 2013

The model 911 sports car icon, celebrating this year its 50th anniversary, is a prime example for what can be achieved when tradition and evolution are perfectly merged. Porsche is one of the greatest leaders of the luxury car market, it is an inspirational car for most people. “Its Image is that of a confident and responsible brand that sets the standards for powerful sports cars” (1).

Staying Relevant

The brand has pushed to remain relevant to a broader audience by introducing vehicles like the Cayenne, Panamera and the new Macan, which fills a gap in the SUV segment. Purists were skeptical about this diversification of the range, but the strategy seems to have been a success. “In 2012, the brand enjoyed record revenue and delivered more cars than ever before” (2).




(Ref 1) Book: “The Hero and Outlaw, Building Extraordinary brands through the power of Archetypes”, by M.Mark and CS Pearson. Explain the brand power in our world.

(Ref 2) Website:  Recording the brand evolution through the years



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