TOYOTA “Ownership and industrial partners”


“Ownership and industrial partners”

Toyota is a standalone company which has spread production plants all over the globe. It is a major brand and since its beginning hasn’t been controlled by other manufacturers. In 1982, the 1932 established Toyota Motor Co. Ltd and Toyota Motor Sales Co. Ltd merge into Toyota Motor Company. Founded by Kiichiro Toyoda is currently represented by the president Akio Toyoda. The company own a series of different brands. Lexus as a luxury brand and Scion for car sold only in America for a market of young dynamic customers.


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The acronym: Luxury Exportation United States was launched by Eiji Toyoda in 1983 with the objective to compete against other luxury brands like Acura and Infinity. The target of the marque was to produce luxury sedan limousines. In 1987 the LS400 (Luxury Sedan) was launched equipped with a specially developed v8 four litre aluminium alloy engine. The vast success in sales gave Lexus an instantaneous image and reputation in the market to maintain with future models. Toyota now passes Lexus the full Hybrid technology to boost sales of models like the IS300h.



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Conceived by Toyota in 1999 for the North American market, the Scion brand was initially thought to sell model of the Celica and MR2. Then to avoid internal competition was decided to create models dedicated to the brand like the “tC” and the “xB”. The “tC” was a sporty model designed to appeal to young generations. The model was also modified in other occasions in racing specification or for drifting competitions. Today Toyota also sells in their dealers, the derivative of the FT86 branded Scion.

As for Daihatsu and Hino Motors is in possession of the majority of the shares. As for Denso Corporation, Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd and Fuji Heavy Industries participate by owning a small percentage of shares. Toyota is a share based corporation and can be founded in Tokyo’ Stock exchange under the first section, numbered 7203. In Wall Street is codenamed as TM and in London’s under TYT.

Although this company is located in first place for being the biggest car manufacture with almost nine million vehicles sold every year, in 2012 share’s value reached the lowest value recorded with 2330 yen. This was due to various factors like the devastating earthquake happened two years earlier and a loss of brand’s credibility.


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Nearly three and a half billion shares have issued to more than 600.000 shareholders. Although the company is not owned by any other corporation, have ten major investors which possess shares as guarantee of bank’s loans or insurance’s partnerships. These are: Toyota Industries Corporation, The Master trust bank, Japan Trustee services bank, State Street bank and Trust Company, Nippon Life insurance company, The bank of New York Mellon, Trust and Custody Services bank, Mitsui Suimitomo Insurance, Denso Corporation, SSBT OD05 Omnibus Account. The remaining shares are also owned by corporate identities, individuals, non-individual entities and brokerages. As the Japanese government is not involved in the share’s business is therefore easy to deduce the company’s good financial health.

Toyota recently outclassed again the BMW as the most qualitative and prestigious brand in the world. This is because the amount of sales and success achieved through the Hybrid technology has become one of the main pillars for future research and development of the marque.


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Last year the two major OEM’s announced cooperation for an exchange of technology know-how. This memorandum of understanding sees the two groups in joint venture development of technologies such as: fuel cell, powertrain and electrification, lightweight composite materials, sport vehicle architecture and components development, lithium-ion battery cells. From next year also BMW will supply to Toyota their 1.6 and 2.0 litres Diesel engines. This partnership could be very beneficial for a quick leap forward with ground breaking consumer outcomes.

Edoardo Pandolfini Barberi 1/11/2013


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