Ford Model T——The way a car should be(1)

The story of the birth of Ford Model T

Since the first car was born, people have never stopped their transformation and optimization, cars are gradually recognized by  people . But at that time, the production speed and cost destined the car just a plaything of the rich and the nobility. For ordinary people, it is still elusive luxury. This situation had a revolutionary change  because of  a man , he is called Henry  Ford, he let the car took off  its coat and noble.Cars became affordable for ordinary people.As this epoch-making product , I believe we all know that,with the reputation of ” car of the century ,” the Ford  Model T.

Just like Carl Benz , Henry Ford grew up with the passion for  machines.In his autobiography , he said “In  my childhood, there was so much farm work  to do every day .Then  I sprouted an idea , to create many machines to replace the hard farm work . ” dream seeds  had been sown at Henry Ford’s early childhood.


Henry Ford in his childhood

    1879, the ” Motor City” Detroit we called now was an emerging industrial center at the north of America. The noise of the machine came out day and night attracted Henry, and he became a machinist apprentice in Detroit when he was 16. Upon graduation, he entered the Westinghouse Electric Company and then Edison lighting company.

In 1883, Henry Ford was promoted to the Edison lighting company’s chief engineer after his hard work. Now he finally had enough time and money to do his own thing — building cars. The dream of manufacturing cars continues. He left the Edison lighting company with his colleagues, to set up the Detroit Automobile Company. May be due to employ staff had no experience in making cars, the high cost of manufacturing out of the car can not be sold, so soon the company was disbanded. Experience of failure and did not let Henry Ford discouraged. In 1903, he again established Ford Motor Company by shareholding pattern cooperate with others.

Satellite (1)

Henry Ford in 1888

     Before the Ford Model T, Ford Model N was Henry Ford’s most proud of the work . Model N not only helped the company out of trouble, but also laid a great foundation for the future development. But Henry Ford was not drowned by the joy of success of Model N. He continued investing in research and development of his cars. Then came to the era of Ford Model T.



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