Mazda’s Ownership: Major shareholders

Major Shareholders of Mazda



It is the major shareholders of Mazda as below

Major shareholder of Mazda

(Source that visualised the major market share table on Mazda official website)




A partership with Ford for over 30 years

Interestingly, it indicates Ford is ranked fourth.

In fact, Ford was the biggest shareholder until November in 2010 and maintained a mutual partnership with Mazda. However, they have cut their stake because of global financial crisis. In 1979, Ford started supporting Mazda which had been suffering from financial difficulty from 1960s. They entered into a partnership and Ford became a shareholder that takes 25%. Even Ford increased their stake to 33.4% in 1996. By the supporting, Mazda could not only be revived, Ford also has been profited in terms of the development of small cars which is Mazda’s strength as well as establishment of factories with the co-operation in the US, China and Thailand. (For reference, new Fiesta of Ford is based on the mechanical foundation of the Mazda2 and Fusion is shared with the Mazda6 platform)

For 12 years, Ford held their stake but decided to decrease their share ratio to about 13% in 2008 and then even 7.5% of them auctioned off at Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2010. However, their partnership seems to be continued. According to Mazda Chief Executive, Takashi Yamanouchi, Mazda cannot imagine to be in partnership with another automaker. Furthermore, Ford spokesman, Mark Truby, also said that it will not be changed this close strategic relationship with Mazda.

The change of Ford’s share ratio in Mazda

(Source that visualised the major market share table on Mazda official website)






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