Nissan, red or green?

For people, it is not hard to find a word standing for some car brands. For examples, Mercedes-Benz is luxury; BMW is sporty; Audi is Technology and Volvo is safe. But Nissan might be not one of them, either the past or today.

Nissan-GT-R  LEAF

A few years ago , you asked people the question what’s  the brand image of Nissan in their brains, maybe you would not get quite clear and certain answers easily. People might just say that it’s okay or so-so, or that their cars are valuable and not bad. In other words, Nissan didn’t give people a quite highlight image before. Most of people today can’t believe that Nissan is a brand that has a almost one-hundred-year long history like Ford and Volkswagen. However, changes were happening in the last years. The GT-R, the superstar of Nissan today, is known by people just like Ferrari and Porsche, and even they know it can beat them. And today when it comes to the eco-friendly car, the car coming into people’s mind firstly might be not the Toyota Prius but the Nissan Leaf. Now facing the same question, some people would tell you Nissan is a sporty and  passionate brand,  others would it is an environmental andresponsible company.

Why did this happen? The reasons are not just simply few brilliant products Nissan made in recent years. Because they change their strategy, they don’t want to be  a company that just produce ordinary products like what they did in the last 20 years. Instead of that, people in Nissan want create something new, existing and impressive. Nissan’s CEO Carlos Ghosn said: “Nissan needs a new story that’s different, a chapter in the life of a company that people want to write and want to remember.”

Because of its incredible power and high performance under a normal car body,  The Skyline GT-R has so many fans around the world. Before the new GT-R was released, it took Nissan 5 years to develop and design. The people of Nissan really spent a lot on this project. At the beginning of this project, they had made the Porsche 911 turbo as their goal. Finally, they made it indeed. And they improved the performance year by year to keep ahead. There’s no doubt that the GT-R is among the top group of high performance cars. What’s more, since this generation,the GT-R has become a independent line instead of a special edition of the Skyline. It is really a superstar of Nissan today, and contributed so much to Nissan’s brand image. The Z line has been revived successfully as well and more and more people know its sport sub-brand, the Nismo. For many people, Nissan has a red image.

In the past, a top sport car can stand for all of a brand. However, things have changed. Environment is the hottest topic currently. As a result, developing an eco-friendly vehicle is a required course for all the automaker. And the grade of Nissan is quite high in this course. Nissan built a new special sub-brand “Zero-Emissions” with Renault for their electric vehicles. In Silicon Valley, California in 2010 the first Nissan Leaf was sold and Nissan became the first company that mass-produces electric vehicles. Today, there have been more than 80,000 Leaf owners around the world. The alliance is the EV champion of the world now. Through this, Nissan really impressed people with its green brand image.


Nissan Juke

Actually what has Nissan did amazingly are more than the GT-R and the Leaf. The Nissan’s van, NV200 became the next generation NYC taxi; the Delta Wing racing car that Nissan made for Lemans is a groundbreaking innovation and they made a few bold design like the Nissan Juke. Nissan really put something amazing into people’s mind in this several years, which made its brand image not just green or red. In 2010, Nissan change its brand theme from “Shift” to “Innovation for all”. I think most people will agree that “innovation” is a exact word describing the Nissan’s image. These also can answer why Nissan became the 73rd in the “Best Global Brands 2012”.


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