Elise VS Boxster


Just like Richard Meaden said in his recent article: picking a “winner” between Elise and Boxster is really impossible. For though they cost the same money, occupy the same sector of the market and perform brilliantly in their own ways, they deliver completely different driving experiences.




However as well as the racing performance, what I really concern is the both totally different design philosophy. No doubt that Elise represents the sporty design language, however Boxster stands for classic Prosche DNA. So in this poster, let’s just discuss the two models in a designer’s view.


Boxster: (L:4342/W:1781/H:1294/WB:2415)

Looks boring, gently lines, just like put the wheels on a slim sandwich, the rear pillar seems lost something, the pillars vanishing point is far from perfect. Overhangs are too long than Elise, so the car looks not sporty enough but kinds of comfort. Form the side view the silhouette of…

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