Ford Model T——The way a car should be(2)

Ford Model T was so popular that far beyond the imagination of Henry Ford, less than two months after its launch, the company had to announce that the Model T has been sold out in various media. How to meet the needs of people jumped into Henry Ford’s most vexing problems. He tried a lot of ways, constantly looking for ways to improve production. Nevertheless, the production was still lagging behind the sales.

One day in 1913, a report aroused the attention of Henry Ford, contents of the report is as follows: in the process of meat packing , some people put pork, ham stuff onto a conveyor and transported to the man who product meat, and then they took it down. This inspired Ford suddenly, then a revolutionary production technology– production line was born. Every worker works in a fixed position, responsible for one particular work, the car goes automatically from one process to another process. So efficient assembly processes allowed rapid increases in production of Model T, at the same time the cost dropped significantly.


    Production line brought a huge difference, while other companies need more than 700 hours to assemble a car, Ford only needs 12.5 hours. This gave the Ford a very competitive price, 1910 price of Ford Model T reduced to $ 780, then $ 690 in 1911, in 1914 it dropped to $ 360 sharply. So incredible efficiency also brings crazy sales, in 1921, the production of Ford Model T accounted for 56.6% of world automobile production. As of 1927, its cumulative sales number is more than 15 million, there was model T all over the world. Henry Ford is also known as ” the man who put the world on wheels .” In order to express respect for this legendary car, in the 1999 end of the century award, the Ford Model T was named ” car of the century “.



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