Standing on the shoulders of giants

Since 1989, Infiniti is a brand that display as a luxury car brand image in front of the public, in order to grab some of the North American luxury car market, infiniti launched a series of luxury models to against European rivals like Mercedes Benz and BMW. But in early 90′s the effect is very limited and the models of infiniti introduced didn’t have obvious advantages if you compare to others.Therefore the market has been stranded in the doldrums. And plus the serious mistakes in the early stage of advertising strategy they made, so that the reputation and visibility of infiniti was stayed in a low level. But in 2000, the launch of the G, FX, series of luxury sport sedan and SUV, the brand image has been greatly improved. Especially the introduction of G37, let people renew the image of infiniti.

In the end of the 2013 season, infiniti as the title sponsor of Red Bull F1 team, after only 16 rounds with 11 Grand Prix vitories they eventually won the driver and constructor’s world title and 3 races in advance. Only 26 years old, Red Bull driver’s global ambassador Sebastian Vettel, also made the 4 consecutive achievements, became F1′s youngest ever 4 time winner.

The brand’s “F1 marketing” began two years ago. In 2011 February, infiniti decided to sponsor the Red Bull F1 team, in order to create series of exciting races and related activities. As part of the deal, brand‘s badge will appear on the driver’s outfit and team staff uniforms and related facilities. Apart from the brand and marketing cooperation, infiniti will also help Red Bull F1 team in technology development aspect. Undoubtedly, with the 4-time consecutive Champion and dominantly pace in race, infiniti not only create the new history of Red Bull F1 team and gained a huge reputation across the globe.

Publication aim at: Autocar magazine


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  1. i had quite forgotten, in all the commotion, that Red Bull were currently sponsored by Infiniti so, as a notional Autocar reader , I was indeed ‘informed’. And i watched the Beeb’s coverage of Austin, texas, on Sunday – so there was really no excuse for missing the decals……there is a real story here centred on the reason why the marque was, as you put it, ‘stranded in the doldrums’ and i was gagging for you to expand on why this has been so…..

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