The very beginning of horizon (Part 2)

Infiniti’s second model was introduced in 1990, the 2-door coupe M30. Underneath the car it’s a Nissan Leopard with Infiniti badge. It was powered by a VG30E V6 engine which will deliver 162 hp (121 kW; 164 PS) to its rear wheel and connect to an automatic gearbox. The M30 coupe weights about 3,333 lb (1,512 kg), the convertible weighted even more, due to the mechanical components required by folding roof and the chassis reinforcements.

The exterior of the M30 is absolutely sharing no common with its big brother Q45, and if jump inside you’ll find the same territory goes on. But unfortunately M30 was sold rather slowly compared to Q45 because of lack of options in some categories like no manual gearbox and weak suspension which they called  Nissan Sonar Suspension II system, basically it’ll give you a softness setting that make the car handle worse and even more uncomfortable.

In short, the M30 was a completely catastrophe. Until then…


The launch of the G37, a model far from anything Infiniti has done in the past.

Publication aim at: Autocar magazine

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