Citroen Ownership, Part II


Citroen Ownership, Part II

The new group was called PSA. Peugeot’s intensions were to make Citroen a more conventional marque accessible to everyone without the eccentricities of the past. Now the main goal was to create a completely French automotive giant to compete with the American and Japanese multinationals. The new Citroen cars were sharing floorpans or even engines with Peugeot and apart from some elements generally they didn’t have the individualities of the past glorious Michelin era.  Nevertheless the two brands of the PSA Group retained separate their marketing and sales networks. In 1997 Jacques Calvet retired and Jean-Martin Folz succeded him on the Chairman position. Unlike the banker and financial specialist Calvet, Folz was an engineer and industrialist under whose command Citroen would differ again for its originality and individuality among its rivals with a wide range of models. Firstly with Berlingo mini-van or MPV vehicle sibling to the Peugeot equivalent and the best seller, distinctive for its design Xsara Picasso, rival to Renault Megane Scenic. In 2001 Citroen enters the World Rally Championship. In 2003 won it’s fist championship with French driver Sebastian Loeb on the wheel of a Xsara. Peugeot also entered the same championship but with fewer victories as it turned out.

At the present PSA and FIAT have created a company known as SEVEL (Société Européenne de Véhicules Légers SpA) which belongs by 50% to FIAT, 25% to Automobiles Peugeot and 25% to Automobiles Citroen. The union constructed two factories: the SEVEL Nord and the SEVEL Sur. Even more recently the PSA Group created a new company: the TPCA (Toyota Peugeot Citroen Automobile) in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation for the evolution of a city car series which are built in the Czech Rupublic. The union produces until now the Citroen C1, the Peugeot 107 and the Toyota Aygo. A new collaboration with BMW had as a result the new engine generation which replace the TU family engines of the PSA.

Within the PSA Group, Citroen differs from Peugeot for its exclusivity and style and also for its technological innovations. Even though Peugeot and Citroen produce almost equivalent segments cars Citroen still differs. Especially after the creation of the DS internal brand, Citroen became even more exclusive with insuperable design.



Title:Citroën : Daring to be different, Author:John Reynolds 1941 May 31-, Publisher: Yeovil : Haynes, Identifier: ISBN1859608965 (cased);ISBN9781859608968, Creation Date: 2003, Language: English


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