Mazda’s image: From minor to major

Low Perception


According to a management knowledge website, it argues that one of Mazda’s weaknesses is a brand perception is not strong (MBAskool n.d.). In a research of the most valuable automotive brand in 2013, in addition, Mazda is ranked 24th (Brand Finance 2013). Interbrand (2013), which is a brand investigating organisation, even did not rank Mazda on the list of ‘Best global brand 2013’. The image as below is the list picked automotive field out among ‘Best global brand 2013’ on Interbrand website. Mazda is not ranked on the list.

2013 Best Automotive brand

(Source :

Likewise, Mazda seems not to strongly appeal to the general public. Related of this point, MBASkool(n.d.) explains that it is because a short of appropriate branding and marketing exercise.





Interestingly, Mazda is high ranked in terms of its ownership satisfaction although their global brand value is relatively low. –However, their ranking is not too bad.

According to J.D Power (2013), Mazda is ranked fully 4th in the study of vehicle ownership satisfaction study in Germany. When it comes to each model of Mazda, Mazda 2 won at the study of initial quality in the category of sub-compact car in 2013. Additionally, MX5 got an award at dependability and quality in the field of compact sporty car in 2013.


(Source :

In conclusion, Mazda’s technology and customer satisfaction is positive but their brand value is comparatively lower, which probably means that Mazda is undervalued. In other words, they have potentiality so, all of these things taken together included their unstable financial, they might need to improve the managing and branding.





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