Citroen Strengths and Weaknesses

Citroen Strengths and Weaknesses

Citroen in the beginning of the 21st century faces the future with optimism. It had faced serious troubles at the past but nowadays it does not seem to face any difficulty in any aspect and also survived during the 2008 world crisis. Financially the company goes very well with sales to increase after the creation of the DS series. Citroen has presence all over the world except the North America from which departed since 1974. Citroen along with internal brand DS produces cars in all basic segments: in segments A, B, C, D, E, F and M. It does not produce in the S segment (the sports segment nor in the supersport). It also does not produce an SUV. Citroen has a tradition in passenger cars especially in the aforementioned segments. It is a huge competitor amongst other companies with big history. Whatsoever Citroen has no history in the J segment which is the SUV nor in the roadsters or supercars. As concerns of the latter it is not necessary Citroen to produce a car simply because it does not refer to this market even though there are a couple of serious Citroen concept cars in this segment.

As concerns of design Citroen since the beginning has always an interesting point of view. In some particular cases it has more than that. Cars such as the Traction Avant and the 2CV and later on the DS19 showed that Citroen is a major power. Lately with the release of the DS brand and especially with a series of concept cars such as the GTbyCitroen, the Revolte, the Metropolis and the Survolte Citroen proves that can write history with these superb and extremely innovative models.

As concerns of engineering Citroen again is well known that is a major competitor. Since the beginning of its history Citroen implements innovative technology for its cars. First with the mass production techniques and then with the front wheel drive Traction Avant, Andre Citroen leaded a special company. The commercial success of the 2CV proved that its packaging and technology was a success. Whatsoever after the release of the innovative DS19 Citroen would create an image as an exclusive and radical manufacturer something that is continued until nowadays.

The image of Citroen is based on its exclusive, beautiful and innovative design and on its innovative technology. It has created milestone cars and this might occur again in the near future. Especially after the creation of the DS brand Citroen competes directly with serious rivals and sometimes it wins. Whatsoever in segment such as the S and the J Citroen does not have any participation. This could change though in the future because the DS brand is most promising and can easily include S and J segment cars.


(23 Nov. 2013)

(23 Nov. 2013)

(23 Nov. 2013)

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