TOYOTA “Issues that drive future changes”


“Issues that drive future changes”

Video 1: “Future mobility life in 20XX”

Video 2: “Toyota’s future vision”

In the next couple of years, Toyota will introduce a new range of turbocharged petrol engines within the range. These engines will provide 5% increase in fuel economy compared with a 2.0 liter engine. Therefore looking into downsized turbo systems from 1.0 to 1.5 liter engines, will give an opportunity to increase power and therefore efficiency while reducing the engine cubic capacity.

For the Hydrogen fuel cells cars by 2015 to start production and to have halved cars cost to 51.000$by 2020. Therefore by that year, the cost of a Hydrogen fuelled cars will match plug-in Hybrid ones furthermore will be cheaper than electric vehicles. The first prototypes had a Hydrogen system value of 1Million$ per unit, but is estimated that for 2020 Hydrogen cars could be retailed between 50.000 and 10.000$. The projections on manufactured units are between 5000 and 10.000 units; those volume efficiencies are to further reduce Fuel cells powertrains by 5%.

On the company’s vision of the future on the other hand, sustainable cities are going to provide new ways of transportation even for pedestrians. They will also combine personal mobility vehicles with public transport. Also privately owned vehicles will interact with passengers, infrastructure, scenario, and other cars. With automated driverless system last year’s “Fun VII concept”, gave the impression that future transportation will entertain, find points of interest and make the journey more enjoyable for the occupants. Moreover the driving experience can be retained by racing other users on the road, (as in the video) for friend’s entertainment.


Picture #1


Picture #2


Picture #3

In these days the new “Taxi Concept” has been revealed at Tokyo motor show, promoting a redesign of the London’s Taxi. As modern and crisp looking it might be for me does not respond to possible future user needs. Toyota is investing billions of dollars in research and development to stay at the top with few market leaders, and that’s right to avoid future company’s downturns. But what they haven’t covered yet is “Car sharing”, because all the concepts they introduced are user’s individually owned. Now, if we imagine a futuristic interactive “Metropolitan” infrastructure, we can start to think about a more efficient sustainable use of these vehicles. Therefore to use fewer vehicles that increase traffic jams problems is to fit more people as vehicles can contain and share fleets of vehicles available for renting “on demand” for the occasion. Although selling car’s, that has to be specifically designed for that purpose can affect Toyota’s brand identity, on the other hand can also provide big revenues for the company’s future.

Edoardo Pandolfini Barberi 28/11/2013


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