Mazda’s competitors: Be a strong brand in the domestic market by priority

Mazda has various the lineup and it can say that it is similar with typical global automaker’s except the roadster. In fact, MX-5 or RX-7 and 8 can also be included in the lineup but it will not be mentioned in this article because it is already announced discontinuity of production (For reference, it has a slight possibility of re-production according to some news).


<Mazda’s lineup- It is included diverse segments’ car from sub-compact to midsize sedan and even MPV>

Mazda's lineup



Although Mazda is one of the automakers have potential, their brand value is relatively low compared with the technology which they have and customer satisfaction (refer to

In this regard, Mazda needs to improve their image and it would be a good way to approach to competition with domestic (Japanese) brand by priority. The reason is as in the following.




Japan: The 3rd biggest automotive market in the world

According to OICA(2013), Japanese car market scale is the 3rd largest in the world –If EU market is taken account as one country, Japanese market is 4th. Therefore, if Mazda can achieve in domestic market, it would be one of major automakers around the world.


<A research concerned with automotive market scale by OICA(2013)- Japanese car market is ranked 3rd>

2013 PRODUCTION STATISTICS – First 6 months

(Source :




A large gap between Japanese big 3 automaker

Additionally, there is comparatively the great difference between the brand value of major automakers in Japan and the minor’s. In the research of the most valuable Japanese brands in 2013 (Brand Finance 2013), the major group –Toyota, Nissan and Honda– has the brand value over 15,000USD but Suzuki, Mazda and so on has the value under 5,000USD only. In the category of the best 100 global brands researched by Interbrand(2013), Mazda is even not ranked.


<A research of the most valuable Japanese brand by Brand Finance (2013). It is listed only automotive field from the research. the brand value’s gap between the major group –Toyota, Nissan and Honda– and the minor group –Suzuki, Mazda and so on– is relatively large.>

The most valuable Japanese brands of 2013

(Source :




Recently, by launching of new models and the effect of a weak yen, Mazda’s sales are improving but it would be experienced a financial risk after that. In consideration of the fact that Mazda tends to depend on export sales, it probably need to strengthen domestic sales.

To sum up, Mazda’s first aim would be a narrowing the gap with Japanese big 3 brands –Toyota, Nissan and Honda– by priority. If they can to that, it might be easy to achieve being one of the major brands in the world.





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