Some thoughts about Infiniti

Infiniti’s sluggish market performance is really no way to put this together with strengths. However, because of its unique noble plus the low market share, so that make every infiniti seemed so special .

2007 was the Infiniti first entered year of the Chinese market, its designated solely for their annual sales target of 1,000 units, partly because they want customers to enjoy better quality and better customer experience. That’s true , as the last of entrant of world’s major luxury car brand in Chinese, the forerunner of many its competitor’s sluggish performance makes Nissan Infiniti more cautious when importing. Therefore they pay more attention to human services.

Since then, Infiniti did too much effort to built a image of luxury brand in the mind of consumers, specific examples will not repeat them all. Just take look at G37 saloon on standard configuration of equipment in terms of interior and compared to the same class of others in advantages and you’ll aware how Infiniti desperately want themselves step up a little bit. Also  it is a great news for the petrol head who is obsessed with fast driving pleasure, such as naturally aspirated V6 engine up to red line of 7500rpm, rear-wheel drive, all of these features are on behalf of sports and premium car department.

If only in appearance terms of the Infiniti, the most recognizable model should be the FX35/37 across the whole range of Infiniti production line if I tell you, and other models are basically the feast of Nissan ‘s design philosophy and also the highly shared technology. In other word, it is completely inconspicuous when driving a Infiniti on the road.

Probably, the biggest advantage of Infiniti may its unique positioning of market and relatively smaller market share with sports car character which are attracting number of its loyal fans and costumers.

Publication aimed at: Car and Driver


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