SEAT Ibiza – Success for SEAT

SEAT Ibiza was introduced to the world in 1984 Paris Motor Show as the first car developed by SEAT as an independent company. It was designed by SEAT collaboratively with Italdesign, Karmann and Porsche.

The SEAT Ibiza was named after a Spanish island named Ibiza.

Rarely any model has meant much to its manufacturer as the Ibiza has to SEAT.

SEAT Ibiza was known for its Sporty Design, Performance and cost- effective, which was the beginning of the SEAT success story.

By introducing Ibiza to the market energized the production line making upto 1,281,388 units, which had a choice range of 44 to 100 hp in petrol and 55 hp on deisel.

The SEAT Ibiza was gained success and attracted both domestic as well as international markets which resulted in exceeding  exports more than 119,000 units.Image

SEAT Ibiza the most selling model for SEAT S. A.

After a successful deal with Volkswagen group they had some aim set for SEAT, hence to enable SEAT achieving the aim set a co operation contracts were signed with Italdesign, Karmann and Porsche in year 1981. This was the rebirth of SEAT as it was conceived by more than one mind, in more than one country.

In year 1983 about 40% of SEAT’s production was idle while the programme was to build 400,000 cars per year, at this point SEAT decided to use ‘Ibiza’ even though it was at the preparatory phase. Meantime the analysis showed that 50% of the owners of B sector car bought a C sector car when the time to change, on other hand it also showed that 30% of C sector owners bought B sector cars when they change- Financial reasons. Therefore SEAT wanted to create a new category of car which fills the gap between the B & C sectors for this SEAT Ibiza had to have an insider of C sector and overall dimensions of B sector car and also has to be strong on style while at the same time being hot on the performance.

seat-infographic (1)

Ibiza has an original and attractive shape which is unlikely to get old. It had a powerful Porsche system engine and was introduced as a 3 door version which attracted young consumers as it was designed stylish, with good performance, proper packaging and under a considerable price, which met the major requirements of consumers.

This was the beginning of SEAT Ibiza’s evolution as they consistently concentrated over developing the design of the car for the future by later introducing 5 door version , then the diesel engine which made this model very popular among the consumers. Even though SEAT was consistently under loss of rising debts were strictly following the principle of rising the sales by making cheap cars.




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