HYUNDAI Production

Hyundai has become a global leader through the sale of low cost motors and in the last decade the quality has grown to match the value, shaking of the poor build quality reputation the company earned in the earlier years. These qualities can be attributed to Hyundai’s production process which is geared towards high output resulting in low cost. Alongside keeping the cost down Hyundai managed to increase their build quality and placed the i30 number nine on Auto Express driver power awards 2010, outplacing Toyota and one place behind the BMW 5 series.

Hyundai like other manufacturers utilise technology to improve their production lines with the use of robotics alongside human workers. An emphasis is placed on quality with every employee on the line given the reasonability to ensure each car is assembled to the highest standard, despite these efforts Hyundai’s build quality still gets called into question from time to time.

The largest automobile manufacturing facility is Hyundai’s Ulsan plant in Korea. This plant covers over 5 million square meters and is composed of five individual plants, a port witch can accommodate three 50,000 ton cargo ships and a forest containing 590,000 trees. This plant employees 34,000 and can produce up to 1.6 million units per year.



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