The new Fiat Panda , the only four-wheel drive car model in A-segment, launched at the Paris International Motor Show. The car ‘s previous models had having 30 years of history. The third-generation models will be perfect interpretation of the spirit of the times , off-road capabilities, sophisticated compact design and efficient architecture.

In order to satisfy demanding customers, from a technical point of view, the new Panda 4×4 has been further improved in order to made it more competitive to against higher prise, larger size SUVs.

The new Fiat Panda has very good versatility,  ready to tackle mountain mule tracks and the urban jungle in the same assured manner.

The new Panda is 368 centimetres long, 167 centimetres wide and 160 centimetres high. The wheelbase is 230 centimetres and it has a front and rear track of 141 and 140 centimetres respectively.

Panda’s off-road capability is really nice. Of cource,it might not have fancy locking diffs, but a clever electronic traction system,ample ground clearance and a low first gear. Traction performance on slopes is very significant, partly because the right tires , partly because the panda is lightweight, there isn’t much gravitational pull to defy. And it’s so compact, and is flexible to shuttle between the rocks and trees, according to this point, it can defeat many of the full-size SUV.


This is demonstrated by a complete and unique range of standard equipment: ESC and ELD ,manual climate control system, CD/MP3 radio, 15″ burnished alloy rims, 175/65 R15 M+S tyres, electric rear view mirrors, central locking system with remote control and rear head restraints. Optional accessories are very rich, in order to further improve its urban or off-road use in both.


Fiat Panda 4×4 , there are two engines to choose from, and each is accompanied by an automatic start-stop system: new 85 hp 0.9 TwinAir turbo and 75 HP 1.3 MultiJet II diesel. Compare to 1.2 Fire of the previous generation, TwinAir turbo got 40% more torque. In a special six-speed gearbox with low-range first gear, it ensures better uphill start, flexibility and pick-up. Similar improvements are found in the MultiJet II engine.



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