Jeep – Ownership

Jeep is currently owned by Chrysler Group LLC, which is a consolidated subsidiary of Italian automaker Fiat S.p.A. Fiat holds 58.5 % stake in Chrysler Group LLC. Chrysler has the Jeep brand since 1987 when they took over American Motors Corporation (AMC). Renault sold 47 % of its stake in AMC to Chrysler and other shares were acquired by public offering on the NYSE. Chrysler has since then held the Jeep brand and has taken it further ahead in the markets outside the US.

 American Motors Corporation (AMC) acquired Jeep brand in 1970 from Kaiser Jeep, which was a merger between the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation, an independent automaker, based in Willow Run, Michigan, and the Toledo, Ohio-based Willys-Overland Company. The merger was a huge deal by any standards in 1953. The merger or the deal was finalized on April 28, 1953 and was valued at over $60 million. The merger was done because Willys-Overland were struggling after the World War II. There were very less demands of military as well as civilian Jeeps post the World War II.



The Story of Jeep By Patrick Foster


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