Fiat 500, the most important model Fiat had ever made [ II ]

In 1956, Fiat had a capacity of 1,000 cars a day in its production line. Till 1960, when Fiat Nuova 500 had come into the market for 3 years, the capacity had doubled, reaching 2,000 cars per day. After that, the capacity had been increasing vigorously, and reached 4,000 per day in 1965, which started to squeezed motorcycle industry. In 1957, the registration of motorcycle was 330,000, while in 1965, the registration sharply reduced to 200,000.

Fiat 500D (1960)

From 1960 to 1965, the brand-new 500D had gradually replaced Nuova. The new 500D was powered by an engine with 499cc 17hp. 500D used this engine until 1973, but didn’t adopt the roof design style of Nuova’s.

图像In 1965, when the economy of Italy gradually started to recover, Fiat company duly launched 500F, making which the petential second car of consumers. In September, 1968, on the basis of Fiat 500F, Fiat officially launched Fiat 500L, which was more luxurious and took more modern color.


As a national car known to every Italian, Fiat improved 500 again in 1972, in

interior design, for instance its centre control and dashboard. They were both greatly enhanced and refined, and catered to Italian’s need for excellence. From 1972, model I started to be replaced by model R. The new car adopted a higher-emissions engine(549cc). In 1975, Fiat 126 was launched, and gradually took the place of Fiat 500. Two years later, 500 completely exited the market.

A symbol of an era

With the sales off, the last second generation Fiat 500 model went offline in 1st, August, 1975. From 1957 to 1975, Fiat had produced up to 3,432,226 500s in these 17 years. Fiat is more than just a national car, but a symbol of era.

In 2007, 50 years after Nuova was launched, Fiat launched the brand new 500. The prototype of this new car is the concept car of Trepiuno, presented in 2004, and the production cars were researched based on Fiat panda. The brand new Fiat 500 shared the same chassis with ford ka, and adopted the classic two-door style, 1.3L supercharged Diesel engine and a 6-speed manual gear box.


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