Competitors of Nissan

Thank to its good sales and development, Nissan has become a star in the car industry. As a result, Nissan meet more competitors every area now.


When it comes to the competitors of Nissan, Toyota and Honda always come into our mind firstly. The reasons are easy. They are all Japanese company and in the top 10 car companies of the world. They have same culture background, similar brand identities, and even similar strategies – they all have their own luxury sub-brand, Lexus, Acura and Infiniti. Their ranges of products are almost similar, too.


Nissan has seen Porsche as a target on tracks for almost half a century. And they beat Porsche with the new GT-R in 2007. But because they don’t stop to improve the GT-R in last a few years and the GT-R become faster and faster, Porsche has not been the only competitor. More and more super sport car companies set the Nissan GT-R as their targets.


Things are worse in another area – new power vehicle. Although the Nissan Leaf has been the king of EVs and had the 45% part of this market in the world, the advantage of Nissan is losing. BMW put their purely electric vehicle i3 into the market this year, then the new green sport car i8, equipped with carbon fiber body. BMW is just one of the competitors. But there are not only “old friends”, but also many new faces. The young company Tesla, founded by the Silicon Valley genius Elon Musk, has taken the spotlights from Leaf. They has many innovations both in products and business. Nissan needs to work harder now.


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