Fiat 500 TwinAir


On the Fiat official site, it says: “ Two cylinders as efficient as four. TwinAir is the epitome of downsizing: not only is the engine smaller but it even has fewer cylinders. Air treatment is maximised: MultiAir, turbocharger and optimised fluid-dynamics.”

With Fiat’s MultiAir timing and stop-start tech, the 500 which has a TwinAir engine will return a claimed 69.9mpg and emit just 95g/km of CO2: cleaner than a Polo BlueMotion, cleaner than a Honda Insight.

Fiat 500 with this engine, it’s noise is very little. For such a small engine, it ‘s all very fine and running smoothly and of course surprisingly.

Video: watch CarBuyer’s video review of the Fiat 500

It uses electro-hydraulic control of the intake valve , instead of the traditional camshaft, in the terms of managing the amount of air entering the engine . This allows more precise management of combustion and reduce fuel consumption.

And the boosting efficiency, which manages the airflow to improve low-down-torque, while keeping a constant flow of air in the small turbocharger rotating, pushing power up  to 84bhp.

Although the 500 installed TwinAir engine will not be the cheapest model, but it is definitely the best value, and the model also made a great contribution to the environment, priced at about 1500 pounds.

And this engine represents just the start of Fiat’s two-cylinder plans: a petrol-electric hybrid version should enter production in the next year or two.



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