Audi’s Innovative Traffic Light Assist

CES Las Vegas 2014

Audi has uncovered its plans to produce an ingenious system to help drivers arrive at traffic lights when they’re green.

Connecting the car to the local traffic control centre, Audi’s Traffic Light Assist technology gives drivers information to enable them to avoid as many red lights as possible. By informing the driver of the time before a light turns green, as well as the speed he/she will have to approach the lights at to meet the green, Audi hopes to minimise time spent sat waiting around and therefore improve the efficiency of driving through urban environments.

CES Las Vegas 2014

Adding to the tech’s efficiency credentials is the ability for start/stop technology to be integrated. Engines can be triggered to start just before a set of traffic lights turn green, meaning no hesitation will be felt by the driver as in current systems as the engine kicks into life under demand. This further reduces time spent sat at a standstill, albeit by fractions of a second.

The technology has been thoroughly tested in Europe and recently underwent its first run in the States at the CES in Las Vegas, although it isn’t expected to arrive in customer cars for some time.


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