Audi’s Lasers Hint At A Brighter Future


Audi has confirmed its plans to introduce laser headlight technology into its cars with the unveiling of a laser concept car at this week’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.

Set to increase lighting range for the driver, the laser headlights will also improve the car’s visibility to surrounding road users. Using intelligent technology, Audi’s Matrix Beam Lighting adjusts accordingly to road conditions and the surrounding environment, to maximise vision for the driver whilst avoiding incidents of startling or the blinding of oncoming traffic.


The technology is created using two illuminating systems combined into one, comprising Matrix LED and laser light technology. The LEDs will provide far brighter lighting than conventional dipped-beam headlights, whilst the lasers will illuminate the road as far as 500m ahead for full-beam lighting situations.

Aside from hinting at a far more visible future for driving, the laser system installed in Audi Sport’s Quattro Laserlight concept also suggests Audi’s future line up will possess even more aggressive looks than its already snarly looking current cars. The smaller lighting units also allow for more effective packaging, as well as improved weight distribution over the front overhangs.Image

No time scale has been confirmed by the manufacturer as to when these lights will hit the road, but with the technology in advanced stages of development a not-so-distant future of laser Audis seems very likely.

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