Citroen Future

Citroen Future

Citroen and the future have always been interwoven. From the beginning of its history this manufacturer pioneered with engineering, packaging and also aesthetical innovations. Citroen has made history with many of its models defeating the competition.

One of the latest innovations surprised everybody. Citroen announced the Hybrid Air system. Of course air technology as everybody knows is not new to Citroen. The particular technology includes a hybrid system of an engine that works with compressed air which collaborates with a conventional one. During the R&D evolution of this technology the PSA group protected 80 patents.

The benefits of this technology are sustainability, low possession cost and zero consequence for the interior space. The system works exclusively with compressed air for city commuting with speeds up to 70km/h or exclusively with the ICE or with the combination of the previous two. One can realize the horizons that are opening with this technology and if it proves so beneficial the consumers will turn towards the PSA cars by millions.

A field that conventional technology marries high tech is motor sport. Until now we knew Citroen as a champion with Sebastian Loeb as a driver in WRC. Although Citroen continues its course in WRC the particular driver after his WRC retirement will be glad to follow Citroen to its participation in the WTCC for 2014. This means new conquests for Citroen and Loeb and this time not on dirt and gravel but on track. The car that will be used would be the WTCC C-Elysee.

An area that Citroen is distinguished from competition and captivates the hearts and minds of people is aesthetics. Both in past and present the manufacturer creates cars that both in the interior and in the exterior constitute works of art. Why not? Since painting can be taught but design a car is not only a matter of learning but mostly a matter of intrinsic talent. With models such as the DS line and also concept cars such as the GTbyCitroen, Revolte, Survolte, Wild Rubis et al Citroen has redacted design to higher levels. Those cars are distinguished for their sophistication, their innovation and of course their beauty. In the same time all of them represent siblings of one mother aesthetics. The achievement is extra-ordinary. One could move on to the purchasing of a Citroen only because it looks beautiful! All these warm us up for Citroen future and make us strain at the leash for the new upcoming models. For sure Citroen owe to not to disprove us.


(Hybrid Air, 10 Jan. 2014)

(WTCC, 10 Jan. 2014)


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