Ford ownership

Ford brand culture

    As one of the world’s biggest car company,Ford,with founder Henry Ford’s dream of “building a car which anyone could afford to buy”,has been building cars for over 100 years. As one the world’s four major automobile group. in the face of economic crisis in 2008, Ford was the only one to get out of the crisis by itself without the support of government.

The meaning of the Ford logo

    Ford was keen on animals, he often visit animal experts at his leisure time, reading books and newspapers about animals, he also has deep attainments in this field. In 1911, the logo designers designed the word “Ford” similar to the run of the white rabbit image in order to cater to the hobby of Henry Ford, Ford liked it. The Ford motor company logo is blue with white letters in English with the word Ford. Ford being artistic shaped like a lively, vibrant, elegant appearance of the little white rabbit. Ford is something like in the beautiful nature, there is a lovely, gentle rabbit is speeding forward, the little white rabbit symbol Ford cars running around the world, fondle admiringly.


Ford changed its logo 8 times

    Ford used to own eight brands,including Aston Martin、Ford、Jaguar、Land Rover、Lincoln、Mazda、Mercury and Volvo. However, after the huge crisis in 2008, Ford now has only Lincoln and part of Mazda.

now ford

Ford owned brands

Why Ford sold its brand?

2008-2010 automotive industry crisis!

Beginning in the latter half of 2008, a global-scale recession adversely affected the economy of the United States. A combination of several years of declining automobile sales and scarce availability of credit led to a more widespread crisis in the United States auto industry in the years of 2008 and 2009.

Following dramatic drops in automobile sales throughout 2008, each of the “Big Three” U.S. automakers – General Motors (GM), Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler – requested emergency loans in order to address impending cash shortages. By April 2009, the situation had worsened such that both GM and Chrysler were faced with imminent bankruptcy and liquidation. However, Ford didn’t ask for bankruptcy protection. Ford try to save the company by itself. Firstly Ford closed down the sub-brand Mercury, sold the Jaguar Land Rover brand to TATA at a price of $2.3bn (£1.15bn), and sold Aston Martin to Prodrive for  $439m. The next year, Ford sold Volvo to Geely for £1.2bn. These active brought Ford a strong cash flow that helped Ford to get out of the trouble.

 Diversified business

In order to let his business expanded, Ford involved finance, insurance, accessories and services, electronics, glass, airlines and car rental, and other fields. Among them, Ford Credit is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company, ranked first in the auto financing industry. Ford has 11 million customers in 36 countries around the world, nearly 20000 employees.



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