Fiat stylish vs Mini stylish

In 2007 Fiat 500 project restarted. New 500 size is bigger than its predecessors in its history, and use the same way as what MINI did, using vintage design. According to the manufacturers said in the media data, it shows that the 500 is the “Italian fashion style .”

MINI Cooper can against both higher and lower level competitors : As a hot hatchback, it has the hot hatch blood, and it also can be the young  group’s all day vehicle.  And there are numerous original performance / appearance modification parts.

Fiat 500 has three specs : Pop, Sport and Lounge. $ 18,000 for Sport with a stiffer suspension and sports seats ( there are some differences in appearance ) , would be the most suitable type to compare with MINI Cooper. In a variety of Cooper , we believe that the basic model and the Sport version of the 500 is substantially equivalent . Its base price is $ 20,100 , which is $ 2,100 more expensive than the 500 .


                                                     Fiat 500                                                                        Mini cooper






Fiat 500 is 178 mm shorter than the MINI and also 56 mm narrower. MINI Cooper is 112 mm higher than 500’s body, but get in the car you will feel big difference. Driver who is over 1.85 meters tall would certainly do not want the sunroof, because it occupy 33 mm head space. MINI can be said to define the concept of a small car, but it is much larger than the 500 and the front windshield with a classic upright design give the front passenger will feel exceptionally spacious. Cooper’s front sitting is lower than the 500, the head space seems will not let the head knock to the roof. But the process of getting on or off the MINI is still very laborious, and it’s rear space is less than 500 dozens of litres.


In the evaluation of which a considerable part of the evaluation staff, mini’s driving experience was given a good mark, feeling Fiat 500 was not good enough to part of test, because of the mini’s rear suspension system which is using a independent multilink, while the 500 uses a relatively inexpensive torsion-beam and trailing-arm setup. Although the two engines can reach the same rpm when reach a same speed ( 110 km / h 3000 rev / min ) , but when they meet big trucks on the highway MINI has no need to downshift. 8.0 seconds of rest to 96 km / h acceleration performance is not worth showing off, but accelerated to overtake it in traffic is obviously more decent. In an emergency lane change test , MINI ran out of 106.2 km/h results, really amazing , this is the level of some of the coupe. In particular, the difference  from Fiat 500, the mini’s stability control system can be completely closed, so as to obtain more significant yaw , higher speed , of course, have more fun. Two cars are equipped with 16-inch wheels and 195 mm wide tires. The difference is that Fiat uses 45-series all-season Pirellis tires, ride feel a little bit smooth than the mini which is using 55-series, summer-only run-flat Goodyears. But Cooper ‘s Goodyear tire grip is strong, helping Cooper get 0.89g skidpad accomplishment.





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