Brand image:luxury craftwork of Rolls-Royce

Follow the customer is the first principle of Rolls-Royce.The World’s most expensive luxury brand is not just skin deep.In the designers of Rolls’ opinion, in addition to Rolls-Royce’s main frame, everything can be customized.

Most Chinese people who have the ability to buy a Rolls Royce do not easily want to change the car, they just want the car big and long, and very conservatively to select only black.Nevertheless,if there is such an opportunity for American or Europe customers to participate in designing their own cars , many would work with designers together to create a very unique tailored car.

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Painting Process

Being similar to  general car painting process, it needs to clean body, primer (due to it is a big engineering step ,it is the only Rolls-Royce production line using robot operation), paint and other craft.

As an extremely luxurious brand, it has a standout side and, for example, the mechanic Mark in the factory is responsible for a glorious and arduous task: to draw the waist line. For Rolls-Royce is  handmade, the waist line is also made by hand, concrete is: painted by hand. And, draw a car’s waist line need three hours.

Here is a saga about Mark. The standard version of the phantom has painted waist line, but the Middle East version does not have because various reasons. A united Arab owners thought that doesn’t accord with the sense of Rolls-Royce and asked the manufacturer must have it be painted to the waist line. So Mark brought his paint brush, a series of tools and equipment, flew to 5000 km to dubai, just for one thing, painting waist line.

This can be regarded as an unique feature or exclusive service of Rolls-Royce which none of the other brand has.Adding tailored character to its luxury performance and make every Rolls-Royce car  unparalleled.


Create Wood Veneer

Luxury car is a comprehensive art and absolutely can’t just be the set of metal plastic glass cold thing.There will be natural things to enhance humanity and culture.

In order to create the extremely gorgeous and complicated marquetry work, the craftsmen of Rolls developed a new process of working. While keeping conventional skills of woodworking, they applied lasers to ensure the precision. The result is the perfect combination  of traditional workmanship and modern technology.

The handmade details provide good user experience , push Rolls’product quality to the extreme , and also enhance its positioning from a high-end vehicles to a ‘work of art’ or ‘collection’.


Good Wood.The Future of  Craftsmanship. [online] Available at

21st-century-legends. [online] Available at


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