Strengths and weaknesses of Nissan

Today, the situation of Nissan is totally different from that 15 years ago. At that time, Nissan has a 10 billion US dollars loss. But now it has not only been revived, but also in the top 10 world biggest car companies and the second in Japan. So what is its strengths reviving it and what is the weakness of Nissan making it facing challenge?


Nissan-GT-R  LEAF

As a Japanese company, Nissan is very good at the cost control. As a result, Nissan can make the products more valuable for the customers and provide better cars in lower prices than its competitors. And this also contributes a lot to its strong financial performance.

Eco-technology is anther area of this Japanese car company. Nissan began the project called “zero emission” with its ally, the France car company Renault since 2007. And in 2010, Nissan became the first ever company that mass-produce electric vehicles in the world. Now the Nissan Leaf has sale almost 100,000 units around the world, representing a 45% market share of worldwide pure electric vehicles.

And the brand image of Nissan is closer to sport than other Japanese company. They not only have two successful sport car lines, the GT-R and the Z, but also a excellent sport brand Nismo. The achievements Nissan got in this area contribute a lot to improving the image in customers’ brains.


Nissan_RecallAlthough Nissan ‘s cars are becoming better and better in variety and quality, Nissan still lacks of the power in luxury cars. The Infiniti, the luxury sub-brand of Nissan, always give people the image of sporty but not enough luxury.

The product recall is anther weakness of Nissan. Over 2011 and 2012, at least several hundred thousands of various model cars were recalled by Nissan. Although Nissan recalls less cars than its competitors do, this situation still give bad effects on this company’s brand reputation and customers loyalty.


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