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The new Toyota Supra will probably make its debut at Detroit this year, after being teased in Gran Turismo 6 and also already showcased on internet as well as auto shows. The new model is planned to hit the showrooms in 2015, and also promise new market leading technology. In the Toyota Calty studio at the development there are two alternative solutions. A 3.5 litre v6 mated with electric motor producing around 400bhp or a 2.5 litre with hybrid technology that should develop close to the same output. As I posted earlier there are also news from the partnership between Toyota and Bmw. New plans describe the development of two cars developed by sharing technology although separately branded respectively. Therefore will be represented a sustainable future sports car with electric technology and alternative fuels.

The initially called FT-HS concept, which could be Toyota’s future sports car, still hasn’t got a name. Which won’t be “Supra” because to that iconic sound the manufacturer did not generate enough profit due to the market niche it had been designed for.


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Edoardo Pandolfini Barberi 13/01/2014


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