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“Toyota’s competitors”


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In 2011 Ford outsold with 2.1 million units, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda in order. With 3.8 million recalls was Honda/Acura leading Toyota Ford and Chrysler with only 700.000, for the highest amount of issues related to their cars. As for Toyota the highest recalls registered are for the U.S. 2002 Camry model. More recently the Asian OEMs are growing stronger year by year. In fact the brand in question could in future challenge market biggest establishment like GM. In fact Toyota has now 15.4% of the American market share. But also along the way Toyota’s shares competitor threat could be called Honda.

Honda is not as broadly diffused in America as Toyota but it currently has 9.1% dominance of the market and promises to grow still thanks to the U.S. certification of their Fuel Cell system. Also because the trend over there is to have green, environmentally friendly vehicles, this technology is confirming to be zero emissions. Therefore there’s very strong competition between this two automotive manufacturers to fight against each other to claim themselves future’s market establishment. The leading company will be the first to offer the best range, mass produced emission free vehicle which potentially could become an all-time seller. Nowadays from a reliability survey the brand at the top for the U.S. is Toyota followed by Honda.

The competition between the Camry and Accord grew over the year but also who benefitted most were customers. These models are currently updated every year, becoming more efficient valuable and reliable vehicles. The mid-size market sedan competition is very high, leaving tight margins of error and giving advantages to potential customers.


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A very recent survey says that in the first eleven months of 2013 the world’s best-selling car is confirmed to be the new Toyota Corolla. Improving the gap after the initially leading Ford Focus, the Corolla has reached the million in the first eleven months. In the last few months of 2013 also the Toyota’s car has increased sales rhythms over the Ford’s one by 15- 20%. In other words, for example in November the new Corolla has been sold in 14.000 units more the Focus, reaching in excess the million. (focus2move, 2012)

The fourth place in the global sales market has been re-taken by the Camry after a momentary WV Golf swap.

Edoardo Pandolfini Barberi 14/12/2013


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