Chrysler – Strenghts and Weaknesses summary

Strenghts and Weaknesses summary

Chrysler’s main strenght at this moment is probably the Fiat Partnership. It helped the brand to grow a lot (concerning technology, sales, manufacturing process, etc) in the last few years to the point that Chyrsler has been called “the comeback kid” worldwide.
There are many other strong points that help Chrysler succeed. Firstly, it has a very strong brand name – Chrysler’s history of successes goes back a long time and that still reflects on people’s minds. That also contributes to a related strong point – customers’ loyalty – The brand has a strong customer-focused approach. Another unavoidable aspect is that Chrysler is particulary strong in the Minivan segment (see Town & Country model). Chrysler invented the Minivan back in 1983 and the recent models account for half of all minivans sold in the U.S. annually. Interestingly, Chrysler Town & Country has “the highest owner loyalty in the segment”. Finally, Chrysler has a great reputation for its  Hemi engines. The brand is associated to the poweful performance engines introduced in 1951 (more about Hemi engines here).
Chrysler has some evident weaknesses too. Firstly, it has a “relatively limited line-up of products compared to its cross-town rivals – GM and Ford”. Having less products is not necessarily a bad thing at first glance but Chrysler has been stuck on the same 3 or 4 niches for a long time (eg: 300CC, Minivans, etc). Relating to the first weakeness mentioned, Chrysler does not have a people’s car – a car that is truly accessible and sustainable.  Finally, Chrysler is not progressing very much towards sustainable solutions and that might be a problem in the near future.

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