Fiat image in China


For Fiat impression, first thing thought my mind is Fiat 500, I think this model should be a sign of Fiat .

Fiat first launch 500 between 1957 and 1975, which is used as a cheap and practical town car sales to combat high levels of congestion in Italian cities. Measuring just 2.97 meters ( 9 feet 9 inches ) long , was originally developed by a tiny 479 cc two-cylinder , air-cooled engine, the 500 redefined the term “small car”, is believed to be the first city cars small cars one.

Despite its small size, the 500 proved to be an extremely useful throughout Europe and popular cars. It was also available as the “Giardiniera” or station wagon; this variant featured the standard engine laid on its side, the wheelbase lengthened by 10 cm (4 in) which yielded a usable rear seat, a full-length sunroof, and larger brakes from the Fiat 600.

The appearance of Fiat 500 bring the Italian design style to the world. Although Fiat 500 is just a small metal car, it had become a label in Italy in the 1950s , representing a more approachable quality of life. Not only the Fiat 500, but the entire FIAT, Italy’s largest industrial group that originated in racing car, at sporting events in brilliant record, but actually it is for the people.

As the leader on the creation in the past years, Fiat has become the synonymous of lifestyle and attitude towards life. At different times, Uno, Panda, Punto, 500 …… they all had got people’s love. As the models of great design, they presented the Italian passion and romance. Cars became the spiritual emotion things, given more spiritual meaning.

People in different countries may have different impressions of Fiat. In 2008, the Beijing International Auto Show, Fiat has not only brought Panda Aria, Fiat500, Linea, Bravo, Grande Punto five models, it also announced to revive plan in China to restore the form of imported cars for Chinese business and quickly finish the construction of the new joint venture.

After breaking up with Nanjing Automobile (Group) Corporation, brand damage in China. For Fiat at that time, in order to recover, it was a very difficult task.

In 2013, Vice President and Director of Sales GAC Fiat Yan Jian Ming said: ” GAC Fiat was founded three years ago and I really could say nothing, but in 2012 I began to be able to share with the process of struggle. “

In terms of brand image, a number of media have been invited to go to visit GAC Fiat and made a interviews. In the beginning of GAC Fiat, it established three direction. The first is to rebuild Fiat brand image, and the second is to build a good product line, and the last is to build a good network channels.

Nanjing Fiat left a deep impression for Chinese consumers, but now , GAC Fiat shouldering the task of reshaping the image of the Fiat brand. For the re-branding, Yan said: “To create a new brand is not easy, rebranding would be more difficult.”

It is reported that, for old Fiat car customers, GAC Fiat would give the form of cash and old for new service to the old customers, let them continue to support Fiat. And for new customers, they have to bring them more realistic feel. GAC Fiat Market Division and deputy director of product planning department Lan Bo said that from 2010 up to now, by using a variety of opportunities to promote Fiat brand, let more consumers understand the GAC Fiat.



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