Awards for Rolls: 2013


November: Rolls-Royce Motor has been awarded ‘British Luxury Brand’ of the 2013 Walpole Award at London.

The annual award was established to honor companies and individuals who greatly contributes to the British luxury industry.The authoritative judges for ‘British Luxury Brand’ included Nick Foulkes (Broadcaster and Journalist),Jonathan Akeroyd (Alexander McQueen),Justine Picardie (Harper’s Bazaar) and Jonathan Akeroyd (Alexander McQueen)x.

Being the recipient of this very worthful award in this special time which is Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ 10th anniversary year, the whole company is honoured and delighted and it also confirms Rolls-Royce’s brand recognition in the luxury industry.

Walpole is set in 1990 in order to share and manage the resources, knowledge and experience of luxury collection of its membership.

Winning this award indicates that Rolls-Royce is not just making cars, its production is recognized as a luxury collection,which,makes Rolls-Royce out of the ordinary OEMs.

November: The 2013 Centenary Alpine Trial wins Best Rally or Tour of the Year at the prestigious International Historic Motoring Awards in London.

This award provides the benchmark by which the world of historic cars judges itself and also is the most desired award in the classic car industry.
The ‘Best Rally or Tour of the Year 2013’ trophy was given to Tim Forrest and Nick Naismith of the 20‑Ghost Club.This award is consistent with the Rolls-Royce brand image of retro and luxury.


December: Capping a magnificent 2013, Wraith wins the Top Gear ‘Rather Splendid Car of the Year’ award – they said it is: “Massive and magnificent: a staggering, bewitching, gorgeous object to spend time with.”

It is commendable that Rolls-Royce won the affirmation of different levels and different media in 2013.Its concentration and  insistence of design and bespoke maybe the reason of its excellent and outstanding performance.


Walpole awards for excellence 2013  [online]  Available at


What’s the Top Gear Car of 2013? [online] Available at:


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