Jeep Future

Current sales and demand suggests that short-term future of Jeep brand looks good. Sales of Jeep brand was up 34% in the month of December and was best performing Chrysler brand. Domestic sales looks good in near future and also Jeep is expanding its market all over the world. Jeep is expected to reach sales target of 1 million vehicles worldwide by 2015. Also it is difficult to predict medium term as well as long-term future of the brand. Its medium as well as long term will depend upon future models, consumer demand, Jeep’s adaptation to future technologies like alternate fuels, autonomous vehicle will decide its future. Jeep needs to develop future technologies to survive in future.

 Consumer’s demand, interest, trends will also affect future of Jeep brand. Environmental effect such as CO2 level, pollution, green house effect, global warming will play important role in future while buying a car. So, will anybody be interested in buying big SUVs? If we get the answer of above question then only we will able to predict the future of Jeep. Jeep will need to change its strategy with change in people’s conception in future to survive in this competitive automotive industry where many manufacturers have already started testing future technologies like EV, Hybrids, autonomous cars, alternate fuels etc.

 Jeep needs to constantly develop newer model to stay ahead of the race. Its current models Cherokee and Grand Cherokee are selling well across the world. Also, the new Jeepster model is making its debut at 2014 Geneva Auto Show. It is mini crossover SUV based on Fiat 500X platform. It will be entry level Jeep and Jeep will be hoping it to do well specially in emerging markets. Jeepster is specially developed for emerging markets. Also Jeep’s future will depend upon Chrysler, which owns it. As now Fiat has fully bought out Chrysler, Fiat will have full power to control Jeep. So, the leadership of Fiat will decide where the brand is going in future.

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