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In 1941, when first Jeep came into existence it was meant to be for military. So, it got the image of rugged military vehicle that can go anywhere and do anything. This image was with it for sometime even after Jeep released Civilian Jeeps (CJ). These civilian Jeeps were used in farms and rural places where proper road infrastructure was not present. These Jeeps did exceedingly well in those conditions and got the image of tough, rugged go everywhere vehicle. Today also Jeep has the same image of tough, rugged go everywhere SUV. Difference is that it has shed its classic design and moved onto more modern design, which appeals to everyone.

Jeep still has the image of original 4×4 SUV with grunt and large engines which are as thirsty as a man in middle of desert. But Jeep is trying to change that image as it has introduced new ecodiesel engines, which it claims are more fuel efficient, silent, and has low CO2 emission. Also Jeep had displayed an all-electric version concept. It was just a prototype and it is likely not going into the production in near future. Also EV Wrangler was displayed by Jeep, which had Lithium-Ion battery for 40-mile range and then a small 4-cylinder IC engine, which was dubbed as range expander.

Major part of media thinks that Jeep has lost its classic identity, but some also thinks that newer Jeeps are better than previous generation of Jeeps. Also Jeep has many brand loyalists who would only buy Jeeps. Jeep’s design language has changed many times from its inception, but true spirit of off-roading has stayed with it since its inception.

Jeep is synonym to off-roading. Many people all over the world attaches Jeep’s name to off-road vehicles. Jeep gives the feeling of off-roading to people. Jeep owners say, “Find your path. Enjoy the ride.” Jeep according to people who owns them have no limit and can go anywhere with them. People feel adrenaline of adventure just by seeing the Jeep. “Every time you overcome a limit, every time you choose the more difficult path over the easier one, every time you accept a challenge. That’s how you celebrate your authenticity and your uniqueness. That’s how you declare your love for freedom and adventure. What will the next adventure be?” quote defines Jeep brand and its image.

Jeep brand could be made more appealing to the youth if Jeep markets it that way. More and more adventure events should be organized that shows Jeep’s capabilities to the world and make Jeep brand more and more desirable to adventure seekers. Jeep’s unique identity should be kept as it is and further development should be made keeping future in mind.

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