Jeep – Strengths and Weakness

Every car company or brand will have its strength and weakness. So, Jeep also has its strength and weakness. The main question today is do people still want big SUVs that gobbles down the fuel very quickly? People are shifting their focus on small cars and micro mini cars due to congestion in cities, higher fuel cost etc. But on the other hand if someone needs a car to go off-road then Jeep would be his or her first choice. Jeep has the ability to run on all surfaces be it rock, gravel, snow, desert, mud etc. Jeep has a very good market in the US and also a very important one. Also now it is expanding its market to emerging economies like China, Brazil, India.

Performance wise Jeep is best performing brand of the Chrysler Group LLC. If we see the December 2013 numbers we can see that how good Jeep brand has performed. Its sales were up 34% YoY in the month of December, while Chrysler Group sales were up a meager 6%. Also it had gathered many awards for its Grand Cherokee. So, the sales figure confirms that people still want large SUVs. Also, Jeep is offering ecodiesel engines, which are quieter, more fuel-efficient than normal diesel engines.

Promotion wise Jeep brand is lagging behind its counterparts like Land Rover who are aggressively promoting their product worldwide. Jeep needs to catch up to the competition and need to promote their products more aggressively if they want newer customers coming to Jeep brand. Jeep needs smart marketing strategy to market their products worldwide.

Jeep and Chrysler are constantly trying to bring newer technologies to their target audience in form of alternate fuel type such EV in prototype Jeep Wrangler. In future if Jeep needs to catch up the newer technologies it will need to act fast to remain in the game. If Electric concept can be applied to SUVs that will need great power on all four wheels will be needed to be seen. Also Jeep need to innovate on combining alternate fuel with regular gasoline engine to give driver the freedom to go anywhere for which Jeep is famous for. And if they want to stay in the race they will need to innovate, invest in R&D and further improve its model range.

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