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SEAT completes a largest solar power plant in Auto Industry

SEAT started a project named ‘SEAT al Sol’ in 2010 jointly with utility scale solar developer Gestamp Solar in a plant at Martorell. SEAT recently completed a largest solar power plant in Auto Industry investing total sum of 35 million Euros.


The ‘SEAT al Sol’ installed 11 megawatt Solar PV with no. of 53,000 solar panels installed across 276,000 Sq. meters of workshop and storage facility roofs


According to Volkswagen it will generate 15 million Kwh per year which contribute up to 25%of the energy required for annual production of new SEAT Leon.

This will also helps Environmental saving of 7000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

SEAT reveals new Leon Cupra hot hatch

The new SEAT Leon Cupra and Cupra 280 hot hatches set to be unveiled at Geneva Motor show coming March 2014. This will be the most powerful of cars SEAT has ever made. It is powered by Volkswagen 2.0 petrol TSI turbo four. These can accelerate from 0-62 mph in less than 6 seconds with top speed of 155 mph and variable tunes of 261 and 276 horse power.

SEAT Leon wins ABC Award for  Best Car of the Year 2014

the SEAT was chosen as the best car of the year by 34 members of the panel, entirely of motor trading press specialist and they delivered high scores to the SEAT Leon’s attractive design, efficiency, technology and excellent-quality price ratio.



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