Infiniti will launch 4 hybrid cars to compete Lexus

Luxury brand to launch hybrid models has become the trend of China’s auto market, in addition to Lexus and other brands, the latest to enter the Chinese Infiniti will fully enter this market. Nissan is responsible for global product operations, executive vice president Andy Palmer (Andy Palmer) has said: In order to avoid market has been occupied with the European luxury car in direct competition, Infiniti will adopt a differentiation strategy to create a series of hybrid models, including the focus sports performance sedan, coupe and SUV, such as cross-border. Mr. Dai Lei, general manager of Infiniti Division, in an interview with China Netcom agency said in an interview: Hybrid is a major focus of our future development, in addition to Q50 hybrid version of the upcoming models, but starting next year there will be a variety of using this technology new models launched.

China general manager of Infiniti Division Daley (Daniel Kirchert) Mr. also said: “Infiniti hybrid powered engine has a very big advantage, including the Q70L now equipped with a hybrid engine, and Q50 hybrid models in Chengdu Motor Show They have the same level of the best hybrid engine The engine in the future will appear on our other products. Infiniti hybrid engine obvious advantages, we can say the industry leader. ”

Before Infiniti has launched in the Chinese market hybrid version of the M series models, but compared with other competing products are too simple. But Infiniti future force in the hybrid market, in addition to Q50 hybrid upcoming addition, Infiniti future flagship sedan Q90, cross-SUV-Q60 (JX) and coupe model is also expected to launch hybrid version of the car, with Lexus and other brands compete.

Under the current Chinese lion’s share of the luxury car market is Ashkenazi Mercedes, BMW and Audi occupies three brands, although Infiniti sales this year has improved dramatically, but overall sales in the Chinese luxury car market slowed in the background, Infiniti leaving not much space. Infiniti Chinese executives who have also had a clear understanding of business unit general manager Mr. Daley (Daniel Kirchert) Netcom editorial said: “The sales increase to some extent, solve the problem of dealer profitability, but the focus of future work Infiniti enhance the brand is still in force.. ” Avoid direct competition with other luxury brands, another way to select the hybrid power models force for enhancing the brand influence will also have a significant help.

From the point of view fuel efficiency hybrid car more affordable for the average user, but the fact is that hybrid vehicle high purchase price so that many ordinary buyers prohibitive (hybrid car models priced higher than the average of nearly $ 100,000), and this situation in luxury brand customers who are another performance. First, these customers have a certain economic strength of the car’s brand image is very valued, but in the current society as a whole to promote low-carbon green background, large displacement luxury car introduced hybrid will neither lose their original strong performance and comfort , but also flaunt energy saving ideas, promote high-tech, these owners to enhance the identity and image can also play a role.

Mr. Dai Lei of China Netcom agency reporter said: “We used to publicity in this regard is not good enough, we expect hybrid Infiniti does not expect the first time we will promote the future in this regard..”

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