The Japanese fast runners part 1

2009 for Toyota is bleak year, especially its luxury brand Lexus especially concerned. Last year Lexus in China, the annual sales of only 33,000, almost unchanged from 2008 to 32,150, while the Audi , BMW , Mercedes-Benz three luxury brands in China, the total sales compared to more than 250,000 results, Lexus less Audi 158 900 fraction, but with the same brand of Fuji Heavy Industries imported Subaru compared to Lexus of 33,000 have been recent speculation fiery Subaru of 35,000 beyond. August 24, Lexus breath listed the three new vehicles , namely RX270, IS250 and IS250C. In addition to Lexus addition, from Honda ’s Acura brand and Nissan ’s Infiniti brand has also begun to emerge in the Chinese market. Today, in these three brands, select several suitable models for you to make a comparison.

To compare these three brand’s models, we must have a certain understanding of three brands, or part of its price composition is difficult to reflect the brand value. These three Japanese luxury car brands are in the mid-1980s has established automotive brands, and both are means of rapid economic recovery in the U.S. market, in one fell swoop into the global Luxury car brand camp.

Among the three, Chinese consumers Lexus may also be more familiar with, because it is the earliest of the introduction to the Chinese market, the Japanese luxury brand, then to Lexus ’s Chinese name, once with the Toyota Crown in the Chinese market, along with the establishment of the early Japanese luxury car status. For Acura and Infiniti , as late into the Chinese market, most consumers may not have much of an impression. Lexus brand was founded in 1983, in 1989 the first Lexus models LS400 in North America, as well as listing the same period in the first generation ES250, from opening a Lexus luxury car brand’s journey. Since then emerging purchasing power of consumers, many of which are the Toyota brand’s loyal fans, Lexusoperating very successfully in North America, to 1999, Lexus will exceed in a Mercedes-Benz , BMW and other German brands, as the U.S. market for imported luxury car type of sales champion.

Success can be more than the Lexus in Japanese brand, also in 1989, the first listing of Infiniti and the first two before the Acura brand (1986) also swept in the U.S. market. 1987 Acura brand has ever gone beyond the other European luxury car brand, to become the U.S. market for imported luxury cars in the sales champion, and Infiniti M30 early hardtop coupe and convertible version is released soon after became a U.S. consumers‘ Favorite.

Three Japanese brand in the U.S. market can be successful, first of all because they took the U.S. economic recovery was favorable period, followed by the most important was because the Japanese luxury car brand in vehicle quality and service satisfaction foot down the effort, its brand and its vehicle models in the eighties and nineties was recognized by the North American media authority and evaluation agencies. We can say that the Japanese pursuit of details and advance features that built the reputation of the brand is to make their luxury car brand quickly occupied the key U.S. market.  From this point to say, under the current circumstances, China’s own brand models also do not have the impact strength of high-end brands, because early and not much brand loyal consumers accumulate. However, due to the current Chinese market is at a critical period of rapid rise, after the shot is probably not at this time will not have the opportunity. The reason for this embarrassing situation, we must first attributed to China’s economic development too fast, not too much time to their own brands to the quality of accumulation, the second is the Chinese traditional thinking big traffic success caused.


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