The Japanese fast runners Part 2

These three models, the luxury design is essential. In addition to luxury, they need to pursue connotation models how to express more clearly to consumers. Angular lines TL models reflects the fortitude of character; rather like the Camry as the balance to maximize the ES350 is designed to reflect the aesthetic taste of it is for large consumers; rounded in reveal a sporty G37, it is to consumers express Infiniti usual sports car style.

Lexus ES350’s design did not like the brand and the Toyota brand among big difference. It designs the Crown and Camry like no ups and downs, most people seem feel very comfortable, but it does not explicitly say what are the characteristics of its appearance.

Acura TL design easily reminds me of Cadillac. Indeed, both with a clear-cut lines of the design style, the front face of the design, from the shield grille and headlights Dimei and inlaid with polygon bumper air intakes are so clear, did not dragging its feet, even the Acura brand logo as well. To tail, tail lights, boot lid, rear bumper and reflex inlaid on the warning lights at night, it is almost copied the design of the front face. If the vehicle’s exterior design as well as what people are not satisfied with the place, I think it should be slightly rounded shape of the exterior mirrors, ten of the type of wheel design is also somewhat inconsistent.

Finally, we take a look at the Infiniti G37 designs. If Nissan new generation Teana design is quite pleasing to the eye of people to spend, you can certainly say that it is accounted for Infiniti light. G37 designs and Teana are very similar, which is mainly reflected in the basic design of the headlights and grille styling, headlight epitaxial difference is G37 uses a more complex lines, and the Teana is more simple. G37 is also a multi-spoke grille, but narrowed down to both sides at the same time, the Teana in the upper grille is more smooth. Bumper design, G37 is very simple, integral mounting plate bumper plus fog lights, and no the Teana as separate fog lights and air intakes, increasing anti-rub too many details and so on. Tail design, G37 and Teana difference is large, it is more flattened tail light, not like the Teana as three-dimensional, while the G37 is the same tail light and breezy. Side view, G37 significantly after the A-pillar to rely on, in order to highlight the characteristics of movement, and the Teana in the A, C pillar have adopted a more low-profile design.


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