SEAT – Green Future

SEAT is always looking for Environment care and have already started taking care of the environment. SEAT is always determined how to reduce the emissions into the environment and to reduce the carbon foot print.

SEAT keeps on working to build a sustainable business with environment safety in consideration without compromising the quality or driving pleasure.

Looking forward for a Green Future SEAT has taken a huge step of reducing the reliability from trucks and decided to build a rail link between their facilities from Martorell and the Zona Franco near Barcelona which definitely cuts down heavy vehicle road trips.


With two models entering the large scale testing in 2012, the two models Leon Twin Drive Ecomotive and battery electric Altea XL Electric Ecomotive shows their commitment towards Ecomobility. Ongoing improvements towards sustainability and resource states Ecomobility is their key part of business strategy.

“Ecomobility is a simple principle reducing fuel consumption, emission and cost without disturbing the driving Experience”

SEAT is the first Spanish Auto company to be awarded certification of ISO 50,001 – The worldwide standard for sustainability, energy efficiency and the environment. As they installed a large project of Solar PV panels all over the plant in Martorell, which will help reduce the use of non-conventional resource and helping the environment Safety.

SEAT being Environment conscious trying to produce cars with both features Green and Sporty by introducing Other Models from IBIZA Ecomotive Range. SEAT committed to making cars with reduced impact on environment by largely reducing CO2 emissions without disturbing the sporty look and Performance.

This has been possible with SEAT’s green car evolutionary Ecomotive engines that incorporate Start & Stop Function and an Innovative Brake Energy Recovery System playing a major part to meet SEAT’s future requirement.

Start & stop system – when the car is stationary the driver need to switch to neutral which disengages the clutch and the Start & stop systems turns the engine off, to start the engine just need to engage the clutch.

Brake Energy Recovery System- This system usually collects the energy lost during the braking and restores it for starting up or accelerating instead of being wasted, this energy allows fuel savings and CO2 cuttings.



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