SEAT – Image

SEAT is a Spanish based Automotive company, But the very first thing comes up by this brand is that it is a subsidiary brand of Volkswagen Group. So most of the mechanical stuffs is Volkswagen’s technology. This brand gives us the qualities of Volkswagen and Audi under a considerable price tag. And also when we talk about SEAT the most popular model comes into our mind the ‘IBIZA’.

Initially Volkswagen used SEAT as a brand to increase its market network globally by bringing Volkswagen to Spain, the deal between SEAT and Volkswagen was like a rebirth of SEAT which Volkswagen used as an advantage to increase the sales of SEAT and Volkswagen Worldwide. Currently Volkswagen tests its new designed platform onto SEAT to analyse the market feedback, according to which they can develop Audi’s and Volkswagen’s models.


SEAT is very popular among the youth generation with an aggressive image and a sporty-styled models such as Ibiza and Leon. SEAT starting its new revolution into racing by launching a racing event named ‘SEAT LEON EUROCUP’


But among all the subsidiaries of Volkswagen group SEAT is the consistently loss making company. SEAT is suffering loss because 80percent of its sales takes place in the European market. It is suffering also in its home market despite being Spain’s leading automobile brand. However it has an impressive buyer base, an average ten years younger than Skoda buyers.

SEAT is the only Auto industry which has a largest solar powered plant. SEAT focuses into Green future in the future of automotive industry.



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