HYUNDAI Competitors


Originally Hyundai entered the budget end of the B-segment of the market with the Pony competing primarily with the other Korean manufactures such as Kia and Ssangyong  but when they entered the international market Hyundai lined themselves up to compete with the low cost, high quality Japanese cars. This was met by producing their cars cheaper than any other manufactures, unfortunately this came at a cost to the quality. The first attempt in the American market with the Excel (Pony) went well as it allowed even families on low incomes to afford two cars, Sales in the first two years was impressive but quality issues that plagued the Excel, believed to be caused in part from the quick transform from FWD to RWD destroyed Hyundai reputation and had customers thinking twice before buying a Hyundai.

With the launch of the Genesis in 2008 Hyundai made a move into the luxury…

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