HYUNDAI Ownership

Although I have never driven a Hyundai, there have undoubtedly been some favourable reviews on the cars comfort and surprisingly handling. Hyundai have won over a lot of new customers with the value for money with 5 years unlimited millage warranty and ever more impressive styling. It is worth noting that despite a lower price tag, Hyundai may not be the best finical choice as the depreciation is high than that of its rivals but that also means that used Hyundai’s could be worth considering. As a test to this I found a 2013 5 door Hyundai i30 active 1.4 petrol with just over 8,000miles and Hyundai approved on the Hyundai website for £10,495. Then I configured a new car with matching spec which was £16,475. In one year and 8,000miles the car lost almost 40% of its value.

used i30 copy new i30.png

From reading owner reviews of a 2012- Hyundai i30 on, I get the impression that economy, price and the 5 year warranty are the main reasons for buying this car. Nobody was particularly impressed with the performance but only one review stated that it would put him of buying another Hyundai and instead consider a Ford Focus or VW Golf. The main features that seemed to impress everyone was the boot space, equipment available and the different settings for the steering which allows easy manuvering into parking spaces coupled with a good view out the rear window. Majority of owners said they had no problems with the car except one who explained that the rear brake callipers was sticking, the driver’s seat cushion collapsed and the air conditioning didn’t work. These reviews confirmed my suspicions that although Hyundai may be a practical car to drive, it is not a “driver’s car” like some of its rivals such as the Focus but instead a means to get from A to B.



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