The future of Nissan

Today is really a good time for Nissan. After its nightmarish 1990s, Carlos Ghosn, the first foreign CEO in Nissan company history, took Nissan into a golden 10 years. The global sale figure of Nissan in 2012 is almost twice of that in 1998. Its GT-R could beat every super sport car almost, and the Nissan Leaf has become the king of EVs with its sale arriving 100,000 units recently. It is a superstar in today’s car industry. But what is the future of this Japanese car marker and its foreign boss? Will it be another golden 40 years for Nissan like that from 1950s to 1980s? Anything is possible.

Because of the great achievement made by Carlos Ghosn, nobody could find someone shake the Carlos’ position in Nissan in a few years. Nissan would continually follow his plan. However, everyone knows that keeping prosperous development is not a easier task than the revival of a company. There would be more challenges for him and his staff. Could Carlos Ghosn keep his legend in a few yeas? Everyone is watching.

Today’s achievements of Nissan proved that their plans really worked and they had chosen the right direction of development. So they would keep going and push them forward.

The Nissan GT-R has achieved a unprecedented success in the last years and the Nissan staff are still working on it to keep the position. And they also began the development of the subsequent generation of the Nissan GT-R. What and when will it be? They wouldn’t tell people now. But Carlos said that the GT-R would be further separated into two directions, with the GT-R being a more daily supercar and the Nismo version focusing on the track capability. He also announced that Nissan would return to the Le Mans 24 Hours in 2014, Australia’s V8 Supercar series and improve the competitiveness of the GT-R in the GT3 and Super GT Series. Nismo will lead Nissan’s newly expanded motorsport program.

Then coming to the green power, the whole industry seems got a common opinion that the EV is the next step and the full-cell vehicle is a long-term aim. The Renault-Nissan Alliance’s action in this area is earlier than the competitors, which gave them much advantage. As I have mentioned, the Leaf has occupied the 45% part of the EV market. However, the advantage of a few years might not keep it safe. Its competitors spend more and more on this area and began sell their products, like the BMW i3, and new strong competitors came into this area, like Tesla. Nissan should put more new and strong EVs into the market. They released a special concept EV named BladeGlider at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show to show what can be done with an electric vehicle platform and the new lifestyle EV would bring. Another side, Nissan try to combine the advantages in EV and sport car to create new competitiveness.

nissan nladw

the BladeGlider concept

At the same time, Nissan decided to use design as a weapon. We can find that the design style of Nissans is becoming bolder and bolder in these years. The new Sport Sedan Concept was unveiled by Nissan at the Detroit Auto Show a few days ago. As the third work of a developing series, it shows the future feature of Nissan with the other two concept showcars unveiled in last year.

There are still a few other works that Nissan need to do. Firstly, they should improve the reliability and quality of their products. And they also should spend time on how to be luxury.

Although there would be more challenge and stronger competitors, Nissan would still have more opportunities to create new legend. Good luck, Nissan!


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